K2 VO2-S 90 Pro Women's Inline Skate | Black/Aqua

K2 VO2-S 90 Pro Women's Inline Skate | Black/Aqua

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Experience high-speed and smooth rides with the K2 VO2 S 90 Women's Inline Skates. Perfect for ambitious fitness skaters, these skates feature the innovative VO2-S frame with shock-absorbing capabilities and Vortech ventilation to keep your feet cool and dry. The revamped upper ensures an optimal fit, while the 90-mm wheels provide easy maneuverability. Ideal for narrow-footed individuals, the VO2 S 90 Pro Short Cuff offers a perfect fit for strenuous training sessions. Lighter, breathable, and powerful, these skates make every session enjoyable. Elevate your skating game with the ultimate blend of comfort, performance, and style.


Key Features

The K2 Speed Lacing Closure System is a single-pull design making one pull all you need to create a snug fit. Roll up excess lace and stow in the speed lace pouch located on the tongue.
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In 1993, we introduced the world’s first SoftBoot® inline skate − forever changing the way performance skates are designed and built. Our Original SoftBoot technology has led the market, providing the highest performance level of comfort. We took this time-tested, skater approved technology off the road and introduce it into our ice collection. Enjoy the comfort.

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