Derby Laces SPARK 274cm (108") | SPARK LIME GREEN

Derby Laces SPARK 274cm (108") | SPARK LIME GREEN

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Suitable for roller derby and other high-performance skating activities, the Derby Laces skate lace measures 108 inches (equivalent to 274 cm) and is constructed with robust metallic fibers, a high-performance braid, and fortified plastic tips.

Performance Metallics

When tightened, SPARK by Derby Laces generate a natural friction that keeps them securely tied and in place during skating, preventing them from loosening or shifting.

Durable Fibers

Crafted from strong metallic-coated fibers, SPARK by Derby Laces are braided laces that feature a distinctive texture enabling easy tightening and loosening. These laces are durable and long-lasting.

Attractive Colours

A wide range of visually appealing colors and designs are offered by SPARK from Derby Laces, with an ever-expanding collection of sizes and colors to choose from.

Hardened Laces

SPARK from Derby Laces feature a hardened plastic tip, which are highly resilient and long-lasting.

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