Moxi Fundae Teal (Creme-de-Menthe) 57mm / 92A (4 Pack)

Moxi Fundae Teal (Creme-de-Menthe) 57mm / 92A (4 Pack)

Regular price $89.99

Looking for an all rounder wheel for jam, park and street skating outdoors? The Moxi Fundae wheel comes in a small and slim conical profile, 57mm x 34mm with a 92A hardness. A perfect wheel - a little bit hard, and a little bit soft. Skate the street and hit the skate parks in the same day - no wheel change necessary. 

Recommended for slick park surfaces and those new to ramps AND streets and outdoors for those experienced in the streets and want more speed!

The Moxi Fundae wheels are sold in a pack of 4! 


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