Impala adult protective pack in marawa rose gold
Impala Adult Protective Pack | Marawa Rose Gold
Impala Adult Protective Pack | Marawa Rose Gold

Impala Adult Protective Pack | Marawa Rose Gold

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Protect yourself from broken bones, road rash or from getting scared after a bad crash. Get this Impala protective pack, boost your confidence and get those tricks!

The Marawa Rose Gold pad set speaks beauty and elegance, protect your beautiful bodies. 


Fit Guide: All Impala protective equipment is measured in centimetres (cm). Check out the size guide below to see which size best fits you!


How to Measure For Your Size:

1. Use a tape measure or a piece of string and a ruler to measure your wrist, elbow and knee circumference at the points shown in the diagram above.

2. Then check the size chart to find the size that is closest to your measurements. If you are between sizes, we recommend going up to the next size - remember, you can always tighten.



S A: 31 B: 31 A: 26 B: 26 A: 20 B: 20
M A: 32.5 B: 32.5 A: 27 B: 27 A: 23.5 B: 22
L A: 36 B: 36 A: 28 B: 28 A: 25 B: 24
XL A: 50 B: 46 A: 33 B: 33 A: 25 B: 24

*Please note - the above refers to the measurement of the product itself. We recommend selecting the size that is closest to your own measurements.

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