Anarchy Revolution II Aggressive Inline Skate

Anarchy Revolution II Aggressive Inline Skate

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The Anarchy Revolution II aggressive skates are a good starting point if you wish to explore this sport. If you are all about making tricks and grinds in skateparks and streets, these skates are ideal for you. On these Anarchy aggressive skates, you will find a hard boot. So if good power transfer and support are something you are looking for, the hard boot construction will provide you with that. The Anarchy Revolution II run slightly smaller in size. 

  • High-Cut cuff gives you maximum ankle support for stabilization and reducing your muscle fatigue
  • Flat setup with wheels of the same size gives you a nice and stable base
  • 57mm wheels with a hardness of 94A and a wide profile for fast acceleration and solid landings of your tricks
  • UFS (Universal Frame System) is a mounting system that gives you plenty of opportunities when it comes to varying your setup and pairing different frames and boots
  • Removable liners that are shock absorbing and anatomically shaped

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