Synthetic Dreams: A Dark Roller Disco

Another roller disco event, this time themed and hosted in Footscray. They said it - the theme is 'Footscrayzy', "to be interpreted however you want". This is an adult friendly event, so call a babysitter!

Save the date: Saturday May 8th  from 6:30m - 11:30pm.

Location: The Line 

2 Yewers st, Footscray, VIC.



"Explore the dark recesses of your Synthetic Dreams with this dark roller disco experience in a Footscray warehouse. Our first delectable lineup features: Premium Fantasy, DJ Manchild, Dr Chicken Gristle, and Fareevader".


Organised by Stargazed Festival, you can head over to their website to secure your (and your friends) tickets.
Im sure you love a roller disco - get onto this one!