Roller skate fit tips! Find the right size for yourself

We always encourage new and old roller skaters to come in and get fitted to find that perfect skate to fit your feet. It is important to us that you walk out with a pair of skates that you know have been fit by professionals…and let’s be honest – the experience of walking into a skate shop and finding a roller skate that speaks to you is an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Different roller skate brands cater their sizing to either EU, US or UK, and the conversions do not always synchronise perfectly. We do the best we can to provide fit guides that are in line with and follow their skate companies’ recommendations.

If you plan to purchase your roller skates online, here are some helpful tips to get your true size.

  • Measure your feet on a flat surface against a wall to get your size in CM. Do this in the afternoon or at the end of the day as our feet are larger later in the day (and that’s a fact!). From here you will be able to figure out which EU, US and UK skate size you will be able to convert to.
  • Most of us have one foot that is larger than the other, and when purchasing skates online choose your size according to your larger foot.
  • When purchasing roller skates online we recommend going up a half size! You don’t want cramped feet when skating around!

When your roller skates or inline order have arrived, try them on the carpet or a clean surface to make sure that they fit properly. You want them to feel snug but not cramped. Before you get excited to take them out for a roll, we want you to have a skate that fits perfect – that’s why if you have ordered a size that doesn’t quite fit you, we can arrange to exchange them, so DON’T PANIC!

Let’s also remember that some skates take more time to wear in than others! If you have been thinking about purchasing a pair of roller skates, come into our store to get fitted by one of our staff members! Happy days for fellow skaters!