Rio Roller Signatures : The Good, the Great, and the Rad.

Most of us get our first pair of roller skates on a budget - something affordable incase we don’t stick with it. There comes a time when we know that it’s time to upgrade to a roller skate that will tick all of the boxes… The Rio Roller Signatures do exactly this. Rio Roller Skates have created the Signature collection, an affordable roller skate for the intermediate skater who wants to progress their skills.
What you get with the Signature’s are roller skates that are not toys. The Signatures come with a vinyl artistic boot that is reinforced and super comfy, a great quality nylon plate, a cushioned inner sole, high quality (ABEC-7) bearings, outdoor (78a) wheels and adjustable toe stops.
Adjustable toe stops make a world of a difference. A good difference. It is difficult to find an intermediate pair of skates with adjustable toe stoppers, and Rio have made this accessible with the Signatures. Adjustable toe stops allow for adjustments on the length of your stoppers. You can wear them down and adjust them lower to your liking when needed. The nylon base plate coming with the Rio Signature’s will allow for absorption of bigger impacts from jumping and skating hard.


These skates are going to last you in the long run if you are a trail skater, outdoor skater and jam skater.