Chuffed Roller Skates newest crew addition: The Blue Vipers

We are incredibly stoked to be stocking the new Chuffed BLUE VIPERS!
These roller skates are Chuffed RE-IMAGINED. Designed by Chuffed team rider Cath who is a Brunswick local with a knack for skating hard, skate parks, double denim and a thing for the colour blue.

The Blue Viper is the latest addition to the Chuffed crew collection.  Here at SoCal we think these roller skates are the bees knees. The rich blue suede and inner turquoise serpentine lining give these skates the unique aesthetic appeal they deserve, such an appeal only reserved for the finest tastes on the palette. 

The Blue Viper comes with Chuffed’s signature Chiller Wheels (92a) for the ultimate hybridisation of utility. Take these babies on a cruise, for a dance, and just like Cath does - take them on a date to the skate park, they’ll love you for it.


Order online and receive free shipping, or we can organise click and collect if you live close enough.  These deep blue skates won’t stick around long.